Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Honey Badger don't care

Shinzo Abe's expression tells it all.

Can you imagine Obama or either Bush dominating this scene like this?


  1. Wonderful, all of it.

    I've been forwarding those pictures all day long. God I love this guy.

  2. Basically, for The Mighty Trumpster it is EYES ON THE PRIZE. However you get there, whatever it takes. Distract your enemies, and move forward, crushing your opponents every step of the way. They will ALWAYS focus on everything but what is allowing you to achieve your objectives. Because their first allegiances are getting themselves re-elected, and serving the masters who finance their $hit.

  3. We’re gonna’ need a beefier table.

  4. If President Trump was the only person running for the office os "Emperor of the Universe" I'd be 1st in line to cast my vote for him. He alone is saving America from going over the abyss into Socialism.

  5. President Trump has earned my eternal approval, simply because he enrages all the right people. They lose what little grasp of reality they have, and become total loons!

    I'm feeling sorry for Canadians right now, they deserve better than a high school girl as Foreign Minister and a girlyboy as P.M. Turdeau really takes the cake: he can't even keep his eyebrows on!