Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Hilina Slump on Hawaii might be something to worry about.


  1. Well aren't you a little ray of sunshine. The Canary Islands off West Africa have a similar geological fault complex, and the resultant tsunami from this collapse is projected to pretty much wipe out the US Eastern Seaboard.

    1. I gotta tell this story. Back in the early 90's I was on the big island. Lava was running down the pali into the sea, and the park service let people drive to the lava flow, park, then walk out on it to the place it was entering the ocean, which naturally I did. I'll have to digitize some of those photos and post them. But, about a year after I was there, a chunk several acres in size broke off the coast right there and tumbled into the sea. Several people there were pitched in and some were never found. The park service halted anyone going out after that. I guess the slope there is very steep, and when the lava builds up it tends to bust off and disappear into the deep. The Hilina Slump suggests that a major break isn't entirely impossible, although it is unlikely.

  2. Some drone photography of Fissure 8 on 3 and 6 June....mesmerizing....molten rock flowing like water.

  3. I just hope it doesn't happen while Trump is meeting Kim Jong-un in Singapore or the Democrats will blame the POTUS for grandstanding by doing his "Moses part-the-waters" routine to impress the Rocketman.

  4. A possible fix: