Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Art of Speed


  1. I love em' but I love the V-12 roadsters even more. Enzo Ferrari
    once commented on them. He said they were so beautiful, it nearly
    made him weep.

  2. The Series I, like these two here, is the best looking E-type. The Series II and III function better but removing the headlights fairings and raising the bumpers made them less beautiful.


    1. I agree Al, It is like the fugly bumpers Lamborghini was
      forced to put on the Countach 5000 S QV to comply with
      American regulations. America also banned the clear
      headlight covers on Ferraris. The covers both cut down
      on drag, and gave their cars a much sleeker look.

      I have dreamed of owning a Dino 246 GT since I was a kid
      right after reading a story about one of the last Cannonball
      Baker rallies. The winner was a pair of dentists from Long
      Beach CA. One look at that car in the newspapers was all
      it took!

  3. I remember the owner of the shop that serviced my Dad's MGC-GT had bought a V-12 and made it a point to show off her engine every time we went there. That car was beautiful. No really, it was beautiful.