Monday, May 1, 2017

Nothing happened.

Some group of SJW foreigners threatened us all with a crippling strike today.  Via Legal Insurrection, this group was dearly hoping to bring the country to it's knees.

Organized by The Cosecha Movement, the strike promised hundreds of thousands of participants to, “demonstrate that the country depends on the labor of immigrants and working class people of color.”
The goal? To, “change the conversation on immigration in the United States.”
Cosecha is planning strikes and marches in over 40 cities across the country, along with mass student walkouts and escalated actions.
“This Day Without Immigrants is the first step in a series of strikes and boycotts that will change the conversation on immigration in the United States,” said Maria Fernanda Cabello, a undocumented leader and the May 1st campaign coordinator with Movimiento Cosecha. “We believe that when the country recognizes it depends on immigrant labor to function, we will win permanent protection from deportation for the 11 million undocumented immigrants; the right to travel freely to visit our loved ones abroad, and the right to be treated with dignity and respect. After years of broken promises, raids, driving in fear of being pulled over, not being able to bury our loved ones, Trump is just the last straw.”
“On this day, we will not go to work. We will not send our children to school. We will not buy anything,” said Francisca Santiago, a farmworker from Homestead, Florida who will be joining the May 1st Strike. “We are the workers who harvest and prepare food, who repair homes, who come into office buildings after 7pm to clean them. But on May 1st, instead of going to work we will be in the streets celebrating our communities, and demanding the permanent protection, dignity and respect that our people deserve.”

Well, it turned into a big fat nothing.  I guess the country runs like a fine Swiss watch without your colorful people.

In reality, people of color have tons better sense than to hook themselves up with these idiots.  They want to work, they want their kids to go to school, they want to live in a safe and clean neighborhood, just like anyone anywhere.  

That truth has escaped the organizers of this big fizzle.  They want to set themselves up as the leaders and bosses of a movement that will, in the end, mess up all the things that folk of any kind and color want out of their life, and real life working people recognize that.  

Too bad the SJW's aren't intellectually agile enough to recognize the folly of their plans as well.  At least their colossal failure can entertain us regular folk.  Now, back to work...


  1. I didn't know that we were supposed to be brought to our knees. I would have taken a selfie on my knees working on the motorcycle or something to try and go with the flow. I missed out on defeat yet again.

  2. Chris from CanadaMay 2, 2017 at 7:22 AM

    I wonder why every time this conversation is brought up by leftists the descriptive word "illegal" is left out of the narrative. What the country wants is to deal with illegal immigrants, not just any immigrant. Just like in the conversation about terrorism the words "radical Islamic" are left out of the talking points.