Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jerry Brown and his insane totalitarian political buddies aim to kill the Golden State with environmental regulations.

California is proceeding down this absurd emissions reduction path while the “science” supposedly supporting climate alarmism claims is crumbling with global climate models shown to be flawed and failed by climate scientist testimony before Congress and UN IPCC acknowledgements of the undeniable truth that it is impossible to create credible global climate models.
Never in history have such idiots sought to inflict severe damage on their neighbors for completely meaningless purposes.  Unless, the purpose is simply to exert total power and control over the people.  It's positively Soviet.  Totalitarians all of them.


  1. Smart folks will bail out leaving illegal immigrants, perverted Hollywood liberals and Gang-bangers. What a Satanic paradise that will be.

  2. Really believe the leaders of California want people to leave California. it follows the Globalist believe that the world is overreached its population limit. The removal of 80% of the world's lower classes would create a new World. Problem the rich and middle class will leave California and the poor will stay for the freebees.

  3. It has always been about the power. A certain group of scientists have been pushing this crap since the 1960's in order to gain control through government mandates as directed by the science community. Anybody that disagreed with them they would destroy professionally. But just like the global cooling hoax of the 70's, all the lies became too blatant to be supported and once again, their plan is unraveling. This time, they made it a lot farther than last time. Now we have to undo all the damage that they have done. That's going to take decades and in the meantime, they'll come up with another plan and start the whole charade all over again.