Thursday, May 18, 2017

I hate Jerry Brown with the heat of a million suns

California Governor Jerry Brown referred to taxpayers as “freeloaders” last week for objecting to his new gas tax and car fee hikes.

“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them … They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit,” he said. Brown was speaking in Orange County, defending State Assembly newcomer Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), who is facing a recall effort after voting for Brown’s new transportation taxes in April.

The new tax raises existing gas taxes — already among the highest in the nation — by 12 cents per gallon, with higher taxes on diesel, and slaps car owners with higher annual registration fees.
I guess it's the voters who are really at fault for giving this roach so much time as governor, but before he is done he will have thoroughly ruined one of the best states in the union. 
If it's a right or freedom, he and his Democrats will try to take it away or restrict it's use.  If there is anything of value, he will tax it.  If there is any union or special interest group, he will seek to elevate them over the ordinary citizen.  If there is a way to waste public money, he will find it.
Thanks to him, the legislature represents the unions and special interests rather than the citizen.  Citizenship itself is devalued to near worthlessness thanks to Jerry.  We all clearly exist to support the bloating government in all its horrible variety, not the other way around.  
The revolution can't come soon enough.  Splitting the state into three or four chunks would be a blessing these days.  At least some of us might be able to free ourselves from our serfdom.
A worse person is hard to imagine without getting cartoonish.  


  1. Comerade Brown feels that "Income Redistribution" in the Das Kapital mold should be the motto of the state. It's in his roots. He feels it in his bones. And the Californians would keep voting him into office again and again if he wasn't getting so old and senile that he may be forced to step down...then again, he may expire in office - and be replaced by somebody even worse.

    1. Worse is hard to imagine, but in this state, certainly possible. Kevin DeLeon is one candidate for being even worse than Jerry.

    2. Maybe Kamala Harris would relinquish her Senate seat to save California from the vast right wing conspiracy?

    3. Or Maxine Waters. She'd make a great governor.

  2. After 30 years there I left one day and only come back to gloat. Rock solid democratic majority in the state house and the loony as governor, again. California is getting very much what it deserves. Oh, and thank you cally for Pelosi, Boxer and Brown....and Feinstein.

  3. Fix California please, stop the refugees coming to Texas. We're full!