Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fighter Dewoitine D-510


  1. She's probably swinging a huge prop, CW. Corsairs were like that too...

    1. I'm using that line on the ladies down at the local airport. "Hey, It's true what you've heard, I'm swinging a huge prop That's why I need these long bony legs."

  2. That 20mm cannon (weight) that fired from the propellor hub may have led to the need for the larger pull from the prop (as suggested above) and rather than go with a multi-blade propellor, they went with the standard two blade wooden prop. In any event, the aircraft would be very nose heavy, thus the need for the wheels as far forward as possible.

  3. The F4U sports the 40-inch Hamilton Standard. That's 3&1/3 feet from hub. Plus this French baby appears to be the "carrier variant" so a wide ground clearance is most likely required.

  4. Just a guess without having read the comments: it is to keep the propeller from striking the ground, when as a taildragger, its tail wheel is off the ground. Just a guess, though...............