Sunday, May 21, 2017

30 ton truck on a 3 ton bridge, yet he almost made it!

The truck made it almost across before the bridge collapsed into the river. The truck ended up stuck on the westside concrete support. Hippen was not injured.
The patrol said damage to the bridge was about $775,000 and about $1,700 to the truck.
The county engineer determined the truck weighed more than 30 tons, but the bridge had a posted weight limit of 3 tons. It's located between Coldwater Creek and Chimney Rock, east of Cresco.
I wonder how many times young Justin had successfully crossed here before?

That's a nice looking river.


  1. If I was part of the repair crew, I'd bring a fishing pole for after hours.

  2. That's one way to get a new bridge...Wonder if a member of his family is in the bridge-building business?

  3. I've driven a 30 ton truck over a 10 ton bridge before, but it was MUCH shorter.