Monday, January 18, 2016

Sod School House, west of Merna, Custer County, Nebraska in 1889


  1. I'll bet they knew math and could read and write and probably understood US History.

  2. 12 girls, 4 boys. Might be harvest time and then menfolk couldn't be spared.

  3. Another great one.

  4. And they all stood up when the Teacher entered that room; they all said, "Yes, Ma'am, no Ma'am" and never, ever talked back.
    They swore the Oath of Allegiance and meant it, they prayed, and meant that, too.
    The kids walked to school after doing an hour's worth of domestic chores, then walked home again after school to do more chores. Any homework was done by the light of a candle or kerosene lantern. Information was garnered from valuable books, not Google or Wikipedia.
    And the next day was the same.
    They grew up and made the USA great because they were disciplined, creative and well educated. Engineers, Doctors, Housewives and Labourers all sprang from these roots to give the 20th Century its greatness.