Monday, January 18, 2016

I'm more of a Ted Cruz guy, but videos like this are sending the same message that Reagan sent right after the disastrous Carter administration, and they rocked the country.

Ted and everybody else better up their game, or Trump will leave them in the dust.  Impressive as well that this purports to be by a supporter, not the campaign.


  1. I'm convinced that Trump will win. There are a number of reasons why. The Democratic Party cross-over will be one of those reasons. If he wins the Republican nomination, he can win California and New York, and if he has those along with fly-over country, it will be a solid victory. Look for a Trump/Rubio ticket.

    I like Cruz as well because he's a conservative and Trump is not. But maybe Donald can pull the divided nation together? I said "maybe".

  2. I do hope Trump gets elected, too. But what really saddens me the most is why "we" waited for someone like him. "We" should have taken care of the problems in Washington a long time ago.