Saturday, January 9, 2016

Elephants with wings

A C-5M Super Galaxy taxies down the flightline prior to takeoff Aug. 17, 2015, at Dover Air Force Base, Del. Eighteen C-5Ms are assigned to Dover AFB. (U.S. Air Force photo/Roland Balik)


  1. Pilots logging hours for their next job driving a 747.

  2. I once stood at the end of an air force runway (outside the perimeter fence) and witnessed a C-5 landing. Nothing had prepared me to question the aerodynamic laws of lift, drag, thrust, and all that stuff. But this thing was SO big, SO slow (seemingly), there's NO WAY it can remain airborne! My reptilian mind thought this, as the thing blotted out the overhead sun for SECONDS - until reason returned, the plane crossed the threshold and landed safely, and I could once more view aviation as a comfortable friend.

  3. "Eighteen assigned..." which really means 14 supply points for the other four!