Friday, April 16, 2021

Wait, what time was I supposed to be back inside?!?



  1. An ELT doing swipes upon surfacing?

  2. In the classic film Run Silent, Run Deep actor Nick Cravat (lifetime pal of co-star Burt Lancaster) naps on the deck of his sub and his character awakens only when the sub begins to submerge, forcing the captain to surface just in time for Cravat's character to escape being left out of the vessel.

    1. Um, no.
      Nick played the cook, and was throwing out the garbage when a diving drill was abruptly called.
      He managed to grab his trusty pocketknife and start morse code tapping out a message on the conning tower hatch to signal his plight, and barely made it up the mast to avoid drowning before the dive was reversed.

      Maybe watching the flick about 100 times has given me an unfair advantage on this one, but Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Brad Dexter, Jack Warden, and Don Rickles, plus a submarine movie written by Ed Beach?
      O Hell yes.
      They should have made ten more such.

  3. Looks like they went into a turn.

  4. "Get out there and swab the deck."

  5. Can I talk to you about your submarine’s warranty ?

  6. "Lemme's righty-tight, lefty-loosey, right....?"

  7. Looks like it's in rough seas.

  8. A submariner told me a story about a buddy of his , a mess cook who got transferred to the Nautilus nuclear sub. when they neared the Artic circle the cook snuck forward to the nose of the sub and became the first person to cross the Pole underwater.