Thursday, April 1, 2021

Picked up some fish the other day, now I need to cook it up. Anybody know of a good salmon spice?



  1. Tied to an upright plank about 5 feet from a large fire.

  2. Equal parts olive oil, butter and lemon juice. Season with garlic to taste. Cook only until the flesh changes color.

    This is Salmon, if you dont like the flavor of salmon, try Tilapia.

  3. We cook our salmon steaks in cast iron with butter and this stuff--

    (I only used that link for the photo)

    I like Jasmine rice topped with Teriyaki Sauce to go with.

    Last, a dab of this on my salmon as a condiment--

  4. salt, pepper, budda.
    nothing else needed.
    But, if you have to...a shake or 2 of "Frank's" will get you there.
    Never tried the stuff you linked.
    Kinda spensive.

  5. I'm with ghostsniper, salt, peppa, budda. Smoke over charcoal with soaked Alder chips for 1/2 hour, melt smear butter pat every 10 mins. Finish til just firm. Texmati/Basmati rice with a touch of soy sauce. Mmmmmmmm!

  6. Shake some lemon pepper in cast iron skillet.
    Flip when you're done with your beer.
    Stick a fork in one.
    If it flakes, serve it up.

  7. Kinders Tequila Lime BBQ rub.

  8. Marinade for a couple hours in Tiger Sauce, garlic, then into a hot skillet with fresh dill and butter, finish under the broiler.

    If you're feeling adventurous, prepare a home-made bechamel sauce, with a little white wine added to the finished roux, add a chopped hard-boiled egg, chopped fresh dill, and some fresh-ground black pepper. Goes very nicely with the flavors in this fish.

  9. My wife and I like to use a butter horseradish mixture. Take equal parts of butter, horseradish and breadcrumbs. Melt the butter, add the horse radish and then mix in bread crumbs then put the mixture on top of your salmon. Pan fry it skin side down, when about half done, place it under the broiler until the mixture browns.

  10. We use Mikey's Old West Original Traildust. It's good on everything except dessert.

  11. I dust my Salmon with Garlic powder, Ginger powder and Lemon Pepper, then throw on some fresh Dill (if I have some) and wrap that all up in Foil and toss on the grill skin side down, close the grill and cook for 10 minutes, even people that don't like Salmon love this.