Thursday, April 22, 2021

Interesting bit of gear



  1. So. How do you use it? Any firefolk reading this? The Amazon description is a bit vague.

  2. If you can't use it to pop the top off a beer bottle, it ain't useful.

  3. You jam them into doors so that once you open it, it stays open.
    1) So you can see which rooms you cleared.
    2) Because it's a real tiresome PITA to have to escape through a series of closed and now-locked doors using your fire axe to open them.
    3) They can also assist in wedging open a door (including elevators), if the halligan prybar and/or fireaxe aren't persuasive enough all on their own.

    1. So the holes & the notch are for inserting cheater bars for added oomph?

    2. And for catching on the hinges of an open door, between door and jamb.

      The holes are where they usually run cord to tie 5-10 of them on a loop, to be taken off one at a time, as needed.