Wednesday, April 28, 2021

He's a biter



  1. Predators tend to go for the throat.

  2. There's nothing as fun as a bottle calf.

  3. Country girls Elmo she looks more fun than the calf.

    1. Indeed!
      That picture brings back memories for me. We had a breech birth calf that I gave to our neighbors (she was a high school ag teacher, her husband helped me pull the calf). When I took the calf over to them a few days later (his mom died) he rode on the front seat of the pickup just like that. Fortunately, he didn't nibble on me on the way.
      After he was weaned (he sucked down SIX half gallon bottles a day) they gave him to a friend so their 7 year old daughter could raise him and show him at the fair in a couple of years. When they weighed him at the fairgrounds he weighed 1380 pounds!
      I named him Lucky (as in Lucky to be alive) and still have a picture of Stevie, the little 7 year old redhead, and her Amigo buddy laying on a sprawled out Lucky at the fairgrounds that year. It was hilarious to watch that little girl lead that huge steer around the arena by a halter. When he'd make a wrong move she'd drop the halter and push him sideways on the shoulder!
      Great memories.