Tuesday, April 20, 2021




  1. Makes me wonder from a mention a week or two ago if fear of hight is a ingrained trait. Brought it up on a dog flying I think.

  2. Decades ago the head shrinks ran an experiment about deprh perception. They used toddlers. They painted the floor with black and white squares to make a checkerboard pattern. Half the floor featured squares half the size of the squares on the other half. This created the perception that there was a change in elevation.

    Sure enough, the toddlers stopped crawling across the floor when they came to that point where the squares were smaller. Various enticements to motivate the toddlers to continue to crawl across that 'ledge' were insufficient.

  3. CN Tower in Toronto has a glass floor in its observation deck. Little kids loved running around on it, giggling like crazy. It was the adults who inched their feet out onto the glass (including me).