Friday, April 2, 2021

Gimme a root beer



  1. Had a machine like in the barracks at CGAS San Fran back in the late 70's, drop a quarter punch the button and get a cold can of beer.

    1. December ‘66: On the way back “Down South” after refitting in Okinawa we put in to Subic Bay to change buses; USS Henrico-USS Iwo Jima. Quartered in the Hilltop area, a novelty was a San Miguel machine. Unfortunately it wasn’t functional much less stocked. Years later working in Washington, DC, cafeteria at work had a soda machine stocked with 3-4 brands of beer. Self imposed house limits but fifty cents a pop or some such. Cafeteria line offered boxed red/white Gallo by the plastic glass.

  2. Glass bottles, cork lined caps, no high fructose corn syrup... sigh...