Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Imagine the mud that rear tire would throw up on a rainy day


  1. I don't imagine it is ridden in the rain.

  2. Imagine the mud stripe being deposited on your back while riding in the rain. Occaisionally you do get caught in a "scattered thunderstorm" while out and about.


  3. straight line bike. ironhead engine, frame probably weighs all of 40 lbs. but you'll never take a corner hard with those tires.

  4. A friend of mine back in the early '60s got a '42 WLA Harley, & before he even learned to ride it, he took all the fenders & mud flaps off.

    Of course the first time he took it out, it was just after a rain storm, so he hit a few puddles; he came back entirely covered in mud. He still wouldn't put the fenders back on tho, he reckoned the "cool" factor was worth getting muddy!

    (I can't say it made him any more attractive to the girls, though!)