Thursday, August 27, 2020

A follow up to my post about my conversation about power generation in California. Daniel Greenfield gets it.

California now has more people and less power generating capacity. As the state gets closer to the mythical 100% renewables target, it will have more people and even less capacity. A 100% renewable energy grid is a 100% unreliable grid that will be going down on a regular basis.

None of that will be fixed. Instead there will be slogans to make the blackouts seem progressive.

PG&E is already describing its outages as "sharing the challenge." That sounds progressive and empowering. Especially for seniors on breathing machines or children trapped in elevators.

After some noise about investigations, California Democrats will ask the public to recognize that power is finite and go about the job of deciding who deserves to have power and who doesn’t.

The troubling interconnectedness between power and government allowed Mayor Garcetti to cut off water and power to Los Angeles businesses that wanted to remain open during the lockdown and then more recently to homes hosting parties. Companies can treat customers abusively, but a government water empire can cut off power and water for political reasons.

The ‘green energy’ regime will “share the challenge” by creating affirmative action for blackouts, determining which areas lose power and for how long based on racial and economic criteria. The wealthy will buy their own power, while anyone on the grid will be subject to the whims of Democrat political appointees dividing the spoils of a dying energy grid in a collapsing state.

The resource shortages of the green energy dark age will turn its practitioners into barbarians.

California will finally reach its 100% renewables target when its population has learned to cook in wood stoves, read by candlelight, and live in the darkness of ‘green energy’

Jerry Brown started this process in earnest, and his successors and comrades in arms carry it on, happily leading us straight into the abyss. 

Democrats.  Unfit to govern anything.


  1. Wood stoves are regulated.
    You can't get those.
    Freeze and starve in the dark.

  2. "power is finite", Wrong. Power is basically created by spinning a wire inside a magnet. These dipshits are turning off the "spinner". Hydro,nuclear fission, gas turbine run by natural gas, coal and wood waste which we have a shitload of since P.G.E burned our town down.

  3. i lived there for 30 years. I didn't leave on account of the madness but now might be a good time.

  4. you would think that at SOME point SOMEONE would say "fuck you...this is bullshit. you need to fix this or we're coming to spend the night at YOUR house gov hairstyle" if they don't then fuck 'em. let them starve in the dark

  5. Wanna bet Newsom's electrical power doesn't get shut down and Nancy Pelosi's precious ice-cream in her $20,000 fridge stays well chilled.

  6. Victor Davis Hanson has a good take on most recent things Califruitopia:


  7. I have suggested on your blog before that if you live in SoCal, you need a Generac or other whole-house type generator. No, I don't sell them. But they can hook up to your natural gas feed. Make sure you get a large enough unit to keep the A/C going. New normal there in the worker's paradise.

    1. Generacs are a solution to a localized short-duration power outage.
      They are no solution to a political problem.

      How long before generators attract the unwanted kind attention of regulators? They've already killed the market for small low speed diesel via emission certification requirements (Goog 'Listeroids'). A whole neighbourhood running NG gennies for a 12 hour blackout might not be much fun either.

    2. Im thinking that as far as California is concerned there are no political solutions to the political problem either.

    3. think about fuel cell systems using fuel reformers and atmospheric O2 instead of a IC genset. functionally similar to a battery powered inverter system. I recall a vermont based company called plugpower that had marketed a standalone system for off grid usage, but that was some years ago. the unit emmitted heat and water,CO2 and CO. along with what ever byproducts the fuel reformer produced-that would probably be the kiss of death for you poor bastards in CA.