Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Abandoned plane in Arizona


  1. Looks like a Lockheed Neptune.
    Boat Guy

  2. It's a PV, either a Ventura or a Harpoon. Predecessor to the P2V Neptune.

  3. Yup a Lockheed "Loadstall!!!" Just ask a bunch of "OLD" Skydiver's from the daze of the"Gulch!!!" (Casa Grande, AZ... early 1970's!!)
    Also, The late Actress "Liz Taylor's late husband 'Mike Todd' had a 'Loadstall' named "The Liz" It crashed, killing all on board after "Flying into known Icing Conditions!!!" I remember reading an account in "Flying" Magazine of a pilot who got fired because he refused to fly into marginal conditions... thy spent the night at the motel and in the morning the guy who fired him came to his room "Eating Crow" showed him the headlines from the morning paper of the crash, and said.... "You Saved our Lives!!!"....
    Funny how that goes.....