Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Six year old Susie Peters rocks the Democratic primary, surges to the top of the polls with new campaign slogan, "Why don't we give just give everything away for free?"

"She really has a plan for everything,” said Melinda Carlson, one of Susie’s enthusiastic supporters. “While Elizabeth Warren only has a plan for getting people free health care and free college, Susie has a plan to get everyone free everything. She’s truly a visionary.”

Her new candidacy has upset some of the other candidates, with Bernie Sanders accusing Susie of stealing all his ideas. Others say the math in her plans doesn’t add up, to which Susie says she doesn’t like math and instead likes “Twilight Sparkle.” 


  1. The "Bee" might be satire, but the message is 100% correct.

  2. one of my twin sisters would vote for her which show a clear limit to intelligence may indeed exist. but, quite funny...

    1. Ann Coulter is right: women should never have been given the vote.