Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SpaceX successfully launches their Falcon 9, and sticks the landing for their launch vehicle.

But, ditch the childish, unprofessional commentators.

For comparison, the launch of Apollo 8 by the still without rival Saturn V rocket.


  1. Watched it live last night. I was blown away, and felt absolutely giddy as each milestone was reached- Takeoff, Max Q (where the rocket undergoes maximum aerodynamic stress, and also where their last rocket failed), second stage separation, stage 1 REVERSAL and maneuvering BACK to, and LANDING UPRIGHT at the cape, and finally, the real-time videos from orbit of the release of 11 satellites.

    As one who watched NASA from Mercury onwards, this impressed me. The energy and competence of the young engineers and tech people is refreshing, and actually gives me a renewed hope for the nations future. I especially loved it when the crowd in the control center broke into a spontaneous chant of USA! USA! USA!

    Watch the full 40+ minute video if you can.

  2. How incredibly cool. I absolutely love it! The cheers from the crowd is simply infectious.