Monday, December 21, 2015

Keep this epic blunder in mind the next time things go wrong - it can't get any worse than this!

The Ms. Universe pageant goes terribly wrong.

I'm surprised Ms. Colombia didn't kill him right then and there.

Ouch!  The moment Harvey tells the crestfallen Ms. Colombia that she isn't the winner, after letting her wear the tiara and celebrate for several minutes.

It couldn't have been simpler.

Steve - you had one job.


  1. Do you think that they'll invite him back next year?

  2. Maybe he was using the POTUS teleprompter.............

  3. Could this be Karma for dumping Trump from the pageant? He's on a roll...

  4. He's toast.

    Miss Colombia, however, has now achieved fame far greater than had she only been the runner-up.

    1. She officially won, if only for a minute or so.

  5. The pageant organizers have stated they will invite Steve back next year. Gluttons for punishment, I guess. Almost reminds me of a country that continues to elect the same set of incompetent leaders, expecting a different result each time.