Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I didn't think anyone could employ a more pig ignorant staff than CNN.

But I was wrong.

Time magazine, in it's headlong rush to create alarm over non existent anthropogenic global warming, published a now corrected article that screamed hysterically that temperatures on the North Pole were   (OMG!) 50 degrees warmer than usual.

Too bad the author of the article confused the actual north pole with North Pole, Alaska.

The corrected article.  Note their quiet little mention that the article originally misidentified the reading belonging to the north pole.  Dumb.  Shits.   All of them, fact checkers and editors, in all their many and multicolored layers, included.

The original, uncorrected article said this:

Stormy weather in the North Atlantic has brought balmy weather to the world’s northernmost point.

The temperature in the North Pole hit 42 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday morning, which Discovery News says is 50 degrees higher than average for this time of year. Storms over Iceland and Greenland, fairly common in winter, are pushing warmer air to the Arctic.

Follow the link there to appreciate the industrial grade of stupidity displayed by the article's author.  


  1. Time is a liberal rag that does what they all do - manufactures global warming hysteria.

  2. Meanwhile, urban liberals rejoiced that there were only 4 muggings in Manhattan in all of 2015. In other, what?

    Make that Manhattan, Kansas...

  3. So they turned a factual story that was wrong into a speculative story. Awesome "correction". And they put it in their "Science" section.

  4. I find it mind-numbing that they think humans can effect anything that mother nature wants to do.

  5. Simply AMAZING! - who knew there was still a Time Magazine?

  6. Time magazine is a rag.

  7. That is just mean and uncalled for.... "some" people (who know-not the word "Research")STILL believe in TIME! (and unicorns...and tooth fairies....AND EVEN Santa Claus!)