Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fossil hunters flock to Jurassic coast after cliff fall

A landslide on a Dorset beach has attracted dozens of fossil hunters in search of relics. 
Some 200 enthusiasts combed the beach in the village of Charmouth, on the Jurassic Coast, collecting scores of ammonite fossils. 
The majority are said to have picked up ammonites, extinct sea molluscs prized for their intricate spiral shells, which measure from 2cm to 2ft and were washed out of the mud and shale by the sea.
Very cool, if you like such things.   I know good examples sell to collectors for a tidy price.


  1. It reminds me somewhat of the Latham Shale deposit off Hwy 40 (Route 66), except that there is no ocean there and there are many fewer people.

  2. The Fibonacci sequence is everywhere. Very cool!