Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Extremely short take off and near Darwin award

Turn the sound off when watching the video.   The fools commenting loudly about what they know nothing about as the plane takes off are highly annoying.

This [very] amateur footage of a serious Runway Incursion on a rural airstrip in Alaska shows our Fairchild C119 FlyingBoxcar taking off on a runway that is too short and too soft on a ferry flight. The plane had forced-landed there years ago to begin with...So this was the first takeoff after the plane had sat there for more than 13 years being vandalized etc. We had changed out one engine, windows and ball bearings and worked on it straight for over half a year. We have been given 7 videos of this takeoff by the locals and the FAA used the footage to teach about the feared "runway incursions". We have it on tape how our pilot preaches from the cockpit window to the assembled villagers that he will use every inch of available runway and THEN SOME beyond that, nevertheless we had a father and son standing in the way of the plane plus two others while a village schoolteacher and professional pilot was arguing with them about getting off the runway...Quite amazing, as said we have 7 camerapositions...Nobody died but the son did actually go through the Prop arc and had the luck to pass through the blades with no harm to him. R3350's run 2950 RPM on takeoff and the reduction gear reduces Prop RPM and at 94 knots it was some space between the 4 blades of the Prop. "

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  1. Well, I've always said I'd rather be lucky than good!

  2. Wasn't the boy's time to go.

  3. That's the aircraft we used when I went through jump school at Ft Benning. You would take off and land two or three times before it had enough airspeed to leave the ground for the drop zone.