Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Heavy Lift



  1. The Yoshida, a floating crane in Japan. She's lifting the decommissioned submarine Akishio, on display in that same cradle at the Kure Naval Museum

    Great pic, thanks for sharing!

  2. The hull design is quite similar to the hull design of U.S. subs, at least those of the Los Angeles class of subs. It is great pic!

    1. USS Albacore, an unarmed test submarine, pioneered that 'tear drop' hull form. She was diesel powered, and the USN built a diesel tear-drop hulled submarine class, the Barbels. The Barbels originally had their bow planes on the bow, but they were moved to sail to move noise away from the sonar dome. The USN didn't move the bow planes back to the hull until the Flight III Los Angleles class. The Japanese still put them on the sail.
      The first American subs with that hull form were the Skipjack class, and the combination of that hull and nuclear power changed submarines forever.