Monday, May 30, 2022

Don't Prune Off A Finger



  1. I have a similar one, just a different brand. It is a game changer for us older gents, triming trees

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe for you, ghostsniper, because you're one of those goofs that never has anything nice to say about anything. You sound just like a vegan. For the rest of us...

      Well, I have one of those - a different brand - but it's one of the most useful tools in my garage along with a 6" version that's on the end of a ten foot pole. Oh, and I also have the usual collection of chain saws and hedge trimmers etc. They're useful too.

    2. What brand, Roy? I have an Echo gas trimmer with interchangeable power heads with which I am well pleased, one of which is a 10" chain saw but most of the time I'd like something a bit smaller.

    3. Mine is Kobalt, which is the Lowes house brand.

    4. Thanks, Roy.

    5. Roy complains that I never say anything nice, and in the same sentence says something nasty. Well done Roy. I have a 6" chain and don't use it because the guard limits the workability. I also have a 12" pole chain and use it frequently. Is that nice enough for you Roy?