Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Dream Boat



  1. Doesn't look too good for trolling for fish. But the water sure looks good.

  2. I believe that is Ethyl Ruth which was named Chloe for a number of years. It belonged to my uncle Bob Henry who kept it in Hague on Lake George.

    He used to take me out in it frm time to time over my mother's howls of protest.

    Some olld footage of this and other fast boats owned by Henry's on lake George

    Me and my father about 1:15, chloe/ethyl Ruth at about 1:35 when my uncle owned it there were no engine hovers because he had replaced the packard with a monster Allison aircraft engine.

  3. You get a brief glimpse of the carburetors sticking up above the deck at about 3:00

    His other gold cup hydro, Juno, was originally built by Ventnor as a suicide boat for the Chinese to use against the Japanese. It was a successful unlimited racer after the war. My uncle bought it in 55 or so

  4. Exactly what is the point of that boat? It seems to be not very useful.

    1. What's the point of any pleasure craft ? Pleasure

    2. Speed is the point.

    3. It is a gold cup unlimited racing hydroplane.

      The point of the boat was to go really fast around the boueys and win races.

      In retirement to thrill/scare young nephews and annoy the bejabbers out of their mothets