Friday, June 7, 2019

Oops! Glacier National Park quietly removed a visitor center sign saying its iconic glaciers will disappear by 2020 due to climate change.

Looks like the hysteria based end of the world might need to be delayed.  Al Gore despondent.

As it turns out, higher-than-average snowfall in recent years upended computer model projections from the early 2000s that NPS based its claim glaciers “will all be gone by the year 2020,” federal officials said.

Yeah, computer models that have all been unable to predict the climate, if you can believe that.

Not good for accurate predictions, but great to stir up a "Sky is Falling" mentality that politicians happily use to seize your money and your rights.

NPS updated signs at the St. Mary Visitor Center glacier exhibit over the winter. Sign changes meant the display warning glaciers would all disappear by 2020 now says: “When they completely disappear, however, will depend on how and when we act.”

Yes, we control the weather.  A famous truism.  People are so egotistical and arrogant that they think everything revolves around them and our actions are all powerful.  As to the weather, that might actually be determined by the sun, the cloud cover, and/or things we don't understand yet.  Horrors!

In the meantime, apocalypse delayed, but it's still your fault, and you're morally bankrupt and must be shunned and lose your job and be deplatformed by all social media, if you don't agree to turn your life upside down to help fight the climate and the sun.

Talk about angrily shouting at the clouds!

The total area of Glacier National Park covered in its iconic glaciers shrank 70% from the 1850s to 2015, according to USGS. Melting began at the end of the so-called Little Ice Age when scientists believe 146 glaciers covered the region, opposed to just 26 in 2019.  

Since the Little Ice Age began in the 1300's and fluctuated up and down until about 1850, and since no one blames this mini ice age on the activities of people, one can readily see that the current warming is almost certainly the effect of natural climate cycles.  Not human activity.  

I'm not linking to the original article at the Daily Caller due to the annoying pop ups that infest that site, but you can go there on your own should you want to read the original article.


  1. That's because they knew Trump would save them! - lol

  2. the glaciers in Glacier NP didn't exist until after 1750's when they started "racing" to the sea. their retreat is simply correcting what mess the medieval man left us...

  3. The carbon tax and swaps is a billion dollar industry, no one is interested in facts or history as long as they are making money off this scam.
    At Itasca State Park in Minnesota the plaque at the bison kill site mentioned that it was much warmer 7000-8000 years ago. I haven't been back there in 18 years, I wonder if that's been "fixed"?