Sunday, June 23, 2019

Been digitizing some old photos this morning

And I thought some might be of interest.

Horse power

That spinning saw just screams, "Danger!"

Plenty of meat for the Winter.

Can anyone identify this old aeroplane?

And the internet comes through.  Curtiss JN-4, or a Jenny.  Thanks!

The thresher.  High tech for its day.

Bucolic scene from the upper Mid West.

Before the internet, you had to entertain yourself - by skiing on your hands.

The whole crew stopped to talk to a comely lass out walking on the road.


  1. Curtiss JN-3 or JN-4 from the looks of it, for your mystery plane.

  2. Great ol photos, thanks for sharing.

  3. Actually that spinning saw is screaming: "pay attention, as you are the only one responsible for your survival today"!

  4. Good stuff there CW. I should get started on mine soon.

  5. Scan using the highest resolution you can. Photo resolution is something like one to ten thousand lines per inch. You might not be able to display them full size today but later next week when the Asians unleash their zillion pixel displays, anything scanned at lower resolution will look grainy.

  6. The Midwest still remembers, and hauls out the old gear every year:

    They usually have an old sawmill with the open blade, threshing demonstrations, tractor parades, food stands, and a nice flea market which frequently includes steam gear.