Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Russians must see stuff like this and despair


  1. You see Ivan, that is problem- they're stealthy, so they cannot be seen!

  2. The Russians see that on there Over the horizon Backscatter Radar and Laugh, at a nation spending trillions on obsolete Tech. "Stealth" was a world beater. In 1986. Or in a fight with a country fielding pre 1990 AA systems. Problem is Russia is about 10 years ahead of us in AAA systems and ATGW systems. We have thrown away a world class military to buy aircraft that were obsolete the day they lined up on the flight line. Russia would kick our asses in seven days. No Nukes needed.---Ray

  3. There's no reason for Russia to despair since the are not our enemies and we have a long history of avoiding conflict with them.