Monday, June 24, 2019

Craven, cowardly censorship has never been so bad in our country.

I'm back!

The Left's "new" motto (although it has always been its motto)

Ignorance is Truth
Freedom is Slavery
War is Peace

Wrongthink will not be tolerated.


  1. America as I've known it for 77 years is Kaput. There's no stopping the social rot.

    BTW: Anyone know what happened to the conservative blog: anodtothegods? It went off the "air" suddenly last week.

  2. bogside, I was wondering that too about anodtothegods. I even sent an email to the hosting company on the header and still haven't heard anything back. There is going to be a blow out the world has never seen, and hopefully it will end leftism. I know I am sick of it. I haven't spoken to left leaning side of my siblings in over ten years and don't miss their crap.

  3. I have been missing anodtothegods. I guess the bots got him, dammit!