Sunday, November 4, 2018

This guy is just fascinating

And he hands a smug, shallow thinking fool her ass, on a platter.


  1. Peterson's the boss. Liberals are traditionally shallow thinkers. Peterson, a conservative, is not.

    1. The thing is, JP *isn't* particularly a conservative. If any label fits, he's much more of a Classical Liberal. But he is a deep thinker and a very intelligent and well-read person.

      Comments about the changing definition of "conservative" over the last 50 years redacted, other than to note that the key part of "neo-con" is the second syllable.

  2. Thank God for him. More people need to be listening...

  3. He's my guru! Don't let emotional spasms rule your life. Critical thinking is the answer. Although I must say I disagree with Jordan's assessment when he thinks the planet isn't over populated.

  4. Peterson is amazing. I had to turn it off after about 10 minutes. That slag was beginning to piss me off.

  5. That sucked me right in, I only meant to watch for a few minutes but saw it all. It seemed to last about 10 minutes, subjective time!

    That interviewer was a great example of an "educated moron." She wasn't aware that she kept getting her ass handed to her, but carried right on as if she were making sense.

    I agree with MikeC above: Peterson seems more of a classic liberal than a conservative. He seems by his very existence to be hated by both the far-Left and the far-Right, and I find him fascinating! Anyone who has that many enemies must be on to something, and I really enjoy the way he takes on all comers and destroys them, in the nicest and most polite way!