Sunday, November 25, 2018

View of the Seawolf’s (SSN-21) sail and very limited standing room during Bravo sea trials at Groton, Ct., 16 Sep. 1996.


  1. I used to love riding the bridge on Dolphin AGSS-555. Did a lot of lookout watches in all kinds of weather. It was awesome.

  2. I have a photo of a friend atop the sail of the USS Scranton in the Persian Gulf in 1996. I was stunned to happen upon it online a few months after his death in 2004.

  3. what is that at the trailing edge of the sail? dive brake? roll control rudder? Hmmm?? saw a similar control on the sail of the USS Albacore some time ago. wonder if it is more effective in this application

    1. Diesel Exhaust. They create a bubble in the aft upper portion of the sail to prevent sea water from coming back down into the engine (the exhaust pressure and initial Service Air blow creates and maintains the bubble), and the exhaust exits the Exhaust Plenum.