Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sigourney Weaver’s high school yearbook picture, 1967


  1. Alien bait. Attractive alien bait.
    I wonder what it would have been like to have cared enough to contribute to the high school yearbook.

  2. She's "normal" for the current 21st century progressive Hollywood scene.

  3. 1967 is the year I started high school.
    Girls to one table to have the height of their skirt above their knees measured and boys to another to have the length of their hair over their ears measured.
    You were sent home if things needed to be fixed.

    1. never had a good enough reason to contribute to my high school year book, either. did not get a class picture either. planning ahead for the 50th reunion this year.
      and who would think that new yorkers 14 congressional district had no sense of humor-they sent occasionally cortez to the congress. she and the democrats deserve each other.