Thursday, November 8, 2018

I look at a big volcano, dormant for now, out my window at work every day


  1. Which volcano is yours? I used to have a spectacular view of Mt Rainier & later a pretty good one of Mt Hood... but Rainier is hard to beat...

  2. I am stumped too, Rob. I don't think Mokelumne Hill is a doesn't appear on any database I can find that lists volcanoes in California. CW and I live within 20 miles of one another, so maybe he means the town of Volcano (small Mother Lode town with huge history, but no real volcano!)

    Maybe he had a bad shave this a.m. and the blood loss is making him delirious. Or, did he buy a fresh case of breakfast wine??

    Inquiring minds.....
    Goetz von Berlichingen

  3. Replies
    1. I'm working in Redding right now, and it's Shasta that I'm watching, expecting to see an eruption at any moment.

      In fact, just got back home an hour and a half ago.