Saturday, November 3, 2018

A little pricey, but well worth the investment.

Thanks for reminding me about these, Rob!


  1. Still US made, too. Amazing.

    For those looking for good tools cheap, check the thrift stores, flea markets etc- mixed among the Chinese and Indian crap there will be fine tools, US made, on their second, third, or fourth go around.

    1. That is how I buy all my hand tools now. Thrift stores and pawn shops. I have that full set of *real* Channel Locks. All came from different stores for cheap.

      Last week I bought a complete set of like new tiny craftsman combination wrenches, included both metric and US sizes from like 3MM to 10MM etc. $10 for the set.

  2. For 40 years, I was pretty much a low-budget mechanic. Craftsman suited me
    well for most tools, but genuine Channellocks, Proto Allen sockets, genuine
    Milbar pliers, and definately Ridged aluminum handled pipe wrenches are
    all in my box. As far as Craftsman goes, the lifetime guarantee, the value
    and the fact they could be replaced at any of dozens of Sears stores in
    the So Cal area was also a bonus. If I broke a tool in the field, I would
    ask where the nearest Sears store was.

    I'm not a cheap bastard, but the money I saved on hand tools allowed me buy
    things like a 3.5k Pocket PC based vibration spectrum analyzer and 7.5k LASER
    precision shaft alignement kit and other high value items.