Sunday, November 18, 2012

The two younger kids and I took a drive westward to the Montezuma Hills out in the delta, where there is an enormous wind farm (boondoggle, in other words) which nevertheless makes for some interesting photography.

The windmills are gigantic, towering like three armed skyscrapers over the otherwise bucolic landscape.

Below is Azevedo Road, crawling across the greening hills.

In populous California, there are still lonely and isolated places, which are more common that one would imagine.  Below is a stock tank and three hoary old trees, which haves seen many hot summers but few people.

 The windmills march across the hills like an army of monoliths, seeking the wind which is their sustenance.
 Blowing in from the nearby Pacific, the wind orients the mills to face the west.  Invisible, the sea still tangs the air here with both salt and a marine coolness that is a blessing to those who must live in the hot, arid central valley of California.

More over at Triple Shot Photography.


  1. Man those windmills are creapy. We got in some in south TX coming back from the coast. My wife thought they were pretty and I agreed....right up until they come apart and spear my truck to the ground like a giant lawn dart. They wirerd me out man.

    1. These definitely are large. They dwarf the local farmhouses.