Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anonymous has released instructions on how to beat facial recognition technology.  Good stuff to know, although in time the software will likely improve enough to require still more elaborate techniques.

“Another way to avoid facial recognition is to tilt your head more than 15 degrees to the side,” the clip continues. “Due to limits in their programming, they will not be able to detect that a face is present, though there are very obvious cons to doing this. Using a similar method, you can distort your face through elaborate makeup. This method also takes advantage of software limits as the computer will not be able to detect a face. But these are tiresome ways that tend to draw attention to yourself. Surely there are better solutions to avoid being added to a database.”
The narrator also explains that laser pointers have been documented to disrupt the powers of surveillance cameras and that, “With nothing more than a hat, some infrared LEDs, some wiring and a 9 Volt battery,” it’s a piece of cake to render oneself completely invisible. By rigging a DIY system of small lights affixed to a baseball cap, the video claims you can create a device that “guarantees complete anonymity to cameras while appearing perfectly normal to the rest of the world.”
“While the government may be hell bent on watching us at every moment of every day, we are not helpless. 


New Jersey requires that nobody smile on their driver's license photos to help it's facial recognition technology to work.

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