Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Since Jesse Jackson Jr. has gone insane and cannot work, his seat in Congress is up for grabs, but the only thing the black power brokers are concerned about is that a white person could win it if too many black candidates run.  

Like those white people are so irresponsible, filling inner cities with slums full of unemployed, violence prone crackers, overburdening the safety net with demands for money, in spite of a system front loaded with legally required favoritism to make it easier for those of pale complexion to get into good schools and thereafter receive nice jobs ahead of other people who are objectively better qualified.

Yeah, it's a problem that a white person might get elected, since they are known to be loud victimization mongers, training fellow whites that they are all discriminated against and oppressed, even though the only discrimination is in their favor.   It's a problem that a white person might be elected because they are famous for corruption once in power, and we couldn't have that.

It's a problem that a white person might get elected, because of course whenever someone of color gets a seat in Congress, it has to stay that way forever, or else it's discrimination and prejudice.   And after all, anyone who doesn't share the same skin pigmentation as Mr. Jackson Jr. can't possibly understand the very unique and special needs of the black population of the district, like good jobs, safe streets, cost effective government, excellent schools.  Yeah, those things are only possible if a person of the same color as Mr. Jackson Jr. is elected.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is rolling over in his grave.

And meanwhile, in Wisconsin....

Update: Unbelievable!  Only in Chicago.


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    1. Remember, Anonymous, that the point here is that political power brokers want to use racial markers to determine who might represent them in government, and that is the problem. It shouldn't matter at all what color or ethnicity one is, but it does. In the sixties, the blacks were predominately Republicans, their families were intact, and they were generally hard working. What changed over the last 50 years or so? You might not like the description of Black society, but there is nothing said there that isn't true of large segments. They got from there to where they are today by listening to people selling the same snake oil that they are trying to sell to the rest of us now, and it will have the same result over time. We need to stop this kind of thinking and go back to a color blind society, like what Martin Luther King originally envisioned.