Sunday, November 18, 2012

Over at the Belmont Club, Wretchard has put up the best analysis of the Middle East situation vis a vis Israel, Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world.

From the article:

   "Perhaps its not fair to say that Israel is winning so much as the Muslim world is losing. Losing by tearing itself apart, frittering away the oil resource and paralyzing itself with Jew-hatred. Israel is winning simply by sending its children to school, going to work every day, making scientific discoveries in the lab on a quotidian basis, by paying its bills and sweeping the streets. It is simple, but deadly. A whole lot better at least than jumping up and down in the street firing AK-47s into the air."

Truly, when Egypt cannot feed itself, and yet is considering demolishing the pyramids and the Sphinx, which generate half it's revenue through tourism, it is a society that is already all but dead.

Here in the West, the problem ideology isn't Islam, it's Socialism.   That will be out millstone, the one that eventually will either sink us forever, or which we will throw off forever.  It will be up to us to determine which it will be. 

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