Saturday, January 29, 2011

This weekend, it has been foggy, clammy, and a bit cold. Right now, as I sit and type this, it has begun to rain outside. In this kind of weather, it makes one want to get out the Dutch oven and cook up a dinner of "man food."
So it was off to the store to get a pot roast, dust off the Dutch oven, and get the "fixins" all out on the counter.
Here below you see everything in the pot and ready for the magic to begin.

Outside, the first job is to get the coals going.

Next, bring out the oven, and strategically place those coals so the heat is even from both top and bottom.

Two hours or so later, the big cut of tough meat has now been slow tenderized in all the goodness I put in there with it, namely onions, olive oil, pepper, Italian seasonings, garlic, etc. As the meat cooks its juices all blend with the other ingredients to make a really wonderful liquid, which is perfect as a gravy for the mashed potatoes.

It's ready!

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