Thursday, January 27, 2011

Like I said earlier, our Lord God King Obama is running in circles babbling while the Egyptian house is burning. Now the flames are licking at Yemen, which might also go up in smoke and blood.

Just like during the Iranian festivities last year, the leader of the world's most successful democracy shows how he tends to side with the dictators and tyrants, and against the people.
The average man here at home should look on this behavior with suspicion and even alarm.

If the O'jesus can't recognize which side he ought to be on in these kinds of conflicts, he certainly is no democrat (in the classic sense, of course).

If he cannot see that our interests lie in supporting the people and true democracy, if it is not his first reflex to stand with the people on the street in their fight against tyrants, then he has forgotten the nature of our own revolution. He has forgotten, if he ever knew it, why our land is so exceptional in history.

The issue isn't whether these people in the street will be successful in liberalizing their countries ... they may indeed only open the door to a worse tyranny ... it is who Obama instinctively chooses to support that should be of concern to all of us here at home.

And that is to be feared. Eyes wide open, powder dry.

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