Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President O might get a bit "wee wee'd" up about this. Arizona legislators have now proposed a law to require anyone running for President to prove up their eligibility. This may not be the only state that makes such a law given the importance of the 2012 election, the new Republican state houses all over the country, and the obvious and extensive effort made by Obama and the Democrats to keep this information secret.

Meanwhile, the SEIU goons must have paid a late night visit to this fellow. Now he says he "misspoke" when he said the governor of Hawaii had been unable to find a real long form birth certificate.

Or, is it all a clever head fake, designed to make people spend time and effort on an issue that isn't there? After all, one would think Hillary or maybe even McCain would have found the dirt during the primaries if it was there.

On the other hand, he bears only the most superficial resemblance to Obama Sr., who in turn had nearly zero interest in the kid who was supposedly his.

Maybe we really should see what that birth certificate says. Even if it does exist, it likely has some other interesting revelations.

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