Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just in case there is anyone out there that still worries about the junk science of anthropogenic global warming, here is a bit of perspective that might help put the issue into focus.

First, let's consider recent times. Oohh, scary! Let's allow the politicians to regulate and tax everything we say and do so we can stop this trend of warming weather. Al Gore, please help us!

But, before we sell our souls to the devil, perhaps we ought to look out over a longer time frame. If we do that over a 500 years, this is what we see. If anything, we are near the mean temperature over this 500 year time frame. Seems like there really isn't much to worry about. Nobody was holding their temples and shrieking about gloom and doom back during the 1915 to 1945 warm period.

Finally, for an even better view of where we are, lets look back 5000 years, using temperatures from Greenlandic ice cap studies.

Wow. Looks like warmer weather is by far the norm, and what we are experiencing now is chillier than virtually all of the last five thousand years. Bring on the heat.
For a better explanation of all this, go here. And Al Gore, for getting this idiocy off the ground, perverting the science, and attempting to shackle us all with the chains of government regulation and taxation, you can go here.

More facts combined with entertaining snark here.

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