Saturday, August 28, 2010

When the MSM wants to report that a liberal event drew a lot of attention when in fact it did not, they always publish a closely cropped shot of the speakers with no view of how many people were actually there.

Today, Glenn Beck's Restore Honor rally drew a crowd estimated at from 300 to 500 thousand people.

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton, race baiter and demagogue extrodinaire , held a counter rally that drew a mere 2 to 3 thousand, a more than 100 to 1 ratio. Looks like the real America is being heard. And what picture does the media show from Slick Al's rally? Only one of the Reverend at the podium. No embarrassing crowd shot, of course.

Oh, and Al, you know what? Martin Luther King was a Republican.

Can't wait for November.

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