Tuesday, August 10, 2010

European Ibex practice their balance on the face of a rock dam in Italy. No fear.


  1. Great Pics - Isn't Nature a marvel.

    1st time I recv'd these pics - the sender had been told they were Big Horn Sheep in Wyo.

    Tracked down your site thru the correction -
    just wish your background wasn't so dark -
    makes things hard to see on my old computer.

    Don't know when circumstances will allow me to buy an updated laptop w/ high speed - dreams never die/just like my all time favorite: to own a wonderful trail mare again. I've outlived 2 & am wishing for a 3rd, B4 it's too late.

  2. Do you all know about the World Equestrian Games starting today? The greatest gathering of world class horses in Lexington, Ky. The event is held every 4 yrs. This is the 1st time in the USA that I know of. NBC will broadcast the opening on Sunday 9:30a PST. You can download the TV schdule on www.alltechfeigames.com or www.discoverhorses.com Most of the events present the best world teams in jumping, dressage, reining, driving, vaulting, endurance & the really special "para-equestrian dressage" for physically challenged riders!!!
    We hv a representative from So Oregon who has been invited to perform: Carole Mercer & Her Dancing Morgans. She's a "cowgirl" who can ride one black mare sidesaddle while driving her other black mare "in line" ahead of her. She puts on quite a show - she'll inspire all horse lovers to put in more saddle time.
    www.carts-carriages.com I got to meet her once B4 she left for Ky - the security prep is remarkable - she & her asst, a vet, had to pass FBI screening. Hope you can catch some of the performances - talk about dreams - wish I could fly a magic carpet across the country -
    Haven't been on an airplane since 9/11 & I love Amtrak, but only hv time to take it up & down the I-5 corridor in Or/CA

  3. Chuck Norris's Pet