Monday, August 9, 2010

Something you would not expect.....

Red headed Kalash girl from Chitral, Pakistan.

Below, Pashtun tribesmen from Afghanistan.

A Uighar woman from China

Tajik people from far western China

An Iranian girl


  1. Iranian girl is nice...

  2. An amazing mixture of people in central Asia, no doubt. The Uighar gal looks like she'd be a lot of fun too.

  3. the picture that says it is a pashtun tribes man from afghanistan is falls! he is either from Nuristan in afghanistan or panjshir! pashtunha in afghanistan o not look like that, they might also have lighter colored eyes etc. because they have mixed with persians but they do no look that clean in a million years, also pashtunha in afghnistan do not wear the ''paqul'' that type of hat only tajiks do :-)

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I have heard that that type of look is much more common in Nuristan. To me, that picture is amazing, as he looks just like a guy I work with in Modesto, California, and I mean the spitting image, as we say. They could be brothers.

  4. This proves ancient Scythians were indo-eruopeans which spreaded as far as west Siberia, Turkic and Hun tribes later mixed with Scythians and today Turks and Huns claim that Scythians were turkic in origin, thats false Im not here for racism but in fact Turks are trying to cover up everything they can, Another big proof is that true ancient Scythians had always be in relationship with their kinsmen, We can see that in Armenian-Scythian Kingdom as well as Median kingdoms which they are all indo-european or semi indo-european. Ancient Scythian Arts had always Caucasian/Armenoid human physical elements as we can see in their gold jewelery and the most important ones are the mummified Ancient Scythian bodies "Siberian Horseman" and "Siberian Ice maiden" They all had Caucasoid/Armenoid skull structure with pale skin and fair hair.