Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The whole insane story of the battle is here.  The throat slitting part below.
"Bellavia grabbed the wounded insurgent and put him in a choke hold to keep him from giving away their position."
“The wounded Jihadist then bit Sergeant Bellavia on the arm and smacked him in the face with the butt of his AK-47. In the wild scuffle that followed, Sergeant Bellavia took out his knife and slit the Jihadist’s throat,” the Silver Star citation reads. "Two other insurgents who were trying to come to their comrade’s rescue, fired at Bellavia, but he had slipped out of the room, which was now full of smoke and fire."
Bellavia now has his own daily radio talk show for WBEN in Buffalo.


  1. Just awesome. Thank you for serving.

  2. File the citation under the internet posts of all those chairborne rangers who assure folks "you'll never use a knife in combat".

    Which is true...until you do.